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meeting an expert

Yesterday, Álvaro Aragón, a forest engineer who works at Linde Verde, gave us some information about crickets and solved us some doubts.

Today, we are still doing the robot missions and investigating to develope our solution.

We are still working

We are still looking for information about our project and improving our robot.

Training at the coach’s home

Today, we’re training at the coach’s house. We’ve been investigating the Melissa  project, we’ve also continued building accesories for our robot and we’ve thought about how we are going to do the core values’ presentation.  

Design thinking

Today, we’ve been thinking about possible ideas focusing on one of the problems we´ve found. We’ve  used the design thinking techniques.

Researchers’ Night

Last Friday, we went to the Researchers’ night. There, we attended different workshops about artificial intelligence, micro-algae, brain and researching taking in count the user’s opinion.  

¡Our mat arrived!

The mat arrived last week. Since then, we´ve been planning and building new itineraries. Talking about the scientific project, we´ve been doing some research to talk with the experts.

Visitting Aerotecnic.

Last September 17th we visited Aerotecnic, one of our sponsors. There, the told us how they work and the projects they are currently developing. The R+D director helped us and explained us how to make more resistant pieces, the machinery they use and how they are improving them… We are very pleased about their collaboration with the team, and we also want to thank Blanca, who made this visit possible and received us kindly.

Starting FLL17 Hydrodynamics

Maybe it’s early, but we’re starting a new year. We will have some meetings during the summer before starting every week in September. At the moment we have the definition of Hyrodynamics and little else, but we will start looking for information and thinking about ideas for the project.

Canal Sur´s visit to the local

Today Canal Sur Televisión has visited our workplace and has interviewd us. We thank you for your interest in our work.

Preparing the final

Final touches to the scientific project and a final test of the table …

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