FLL team Tecno San José web, from San José de la Rinconada, Seville (Spain). Compiting in FLL Sevilla since 2011

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We continue plotting.

Today the components that are dedicated to the robot have gathered on the premises to continue working on it, this year there will be many new features!

We met!

Today July 5, we have met for the second time this summer, we have researched for the project and we have started to plan the robot and design it in Lego Digital Designer. This year Churrito (the robot of the team) will have several changes. Follow us on Twitter as @TecnoSanJose and Instagram as @tecno_san_jose to be aware the activity of the team.

Again to the final, thank you!

Yesterday we won the Robot behavior awards and the first prize to the winner. For the second consecutive year we will be in Logroño representing FLL Sevilla. We are very proud and we are very grateful to all those who have supported us to make this dream come true. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Preparations day.

Today is our last day of training before the end of the FLL17HD, there is an atmosphere of nerves among the team members but above all we want to relive the experience of competing, we are doing the last robot tests and reviewing the project. We have new elements for the presentation although one has broken but we hope it will be solved soon. It is nice to see that even if no one is completely in their right mind, the camaraderie and the group identity are more existing than ever. We strongly hope that everything goes well in the competition but above all we are clear that our goal is to enjoy the moment. We thank all the people who have supported us.

We haven´t finished yet

In none of our approaches would have occurred to us to enjoy a season like this. If the season has been incredible, the national final that we enjoyed yesterday was unimaginable, but now we have two months to prepare for the Hungarian tournament. Last night we arrived home very late, so in another time we will publish a longer entry that will tell us all the experience, the photos, etc.

Interview on Canal Sur

Today, two representatives of the team (Claudia and Pablo) have attended an interview that Canal Sur Radio gave us and it has gone very well. On Tuesday 27 will come to interview our “experience laboratory” (the garage where we train). Meanwhile we continue working for May, the date of the contest. We thank Canal Sur for being interested in our team and as always we are very proud of ourselves and what we have achieved.