After winning the Prize to the Winner in Seville, on March 9th we headed towards Logroño. We arrived at the hotel at 12: 00h and, after visiting our rooms, we all ate together on the terrace of the building. Later, we contacted another team, Invictus Lego, who we knew from last year and who was attending the final again, and we met in the center of Logroño. After a long time with them, we returned to the hotel to rehearse the presentations, and of course, we went out to enjoy the wonderful cuisine of the city with our parents. On Saturday morning we left for the San José de los Maristas School, where the event was held. At nine o’clock in the morning all the teams were heading towards our PIT, and later we attended the opening ceremony. Just after that, the test round of the robot game began. In the PIT we agree with Hydrobots, Arobot Nano and Waterbots, with which we get along very well. After making the first rise to the table, we went to eat. And just after we present the scientific project and the values. We were quite satisfied with how we made the presentations, and above all, with the group dynamics. Then we went up to the table for the second time, we got 240 points, which then positioned us in the tenth position of the Robot Game. After a long day, we went out to dinner, although afterwards we ended up in a karaoke! That night we “all slept” in the same room, and put it in quotes because we barely sleep. On Sunday we went back to school, and before going up to the table, we made a conga with many teams, dancing Macarena and Movimiento Naranja! Then we compete with the robot for the last time. That was when the closing ceremony arrived, and before entering, we met the 8 Andalusian teams and sang in unison the Andalusian anthem.   They began to deliver the different prizes to the participating teams, the nerves increased. When they had delivered the first 22, we were disappointed. Only the three Winner Prizes remained, and we did not think we would get one. They began to give the third, it had access to the Open Invitational Central Europe, to be held in Debrecen (Hungary). They were going to say the name, there was a drum roll, and suddenly, Tecno San José! We had been third in Spain! In summary, it has been an incredible experience. When we started, we did not know we would get that far. But most important, are the people we met and all the learning acquired. And that is that the FIRST Lego League, is #morethanrobots